Safe vacation | Covid-19 Info

Dear guests!
We want to make a summer holiday possible in reassuring circumstances, to share normal needs and wishes, a reward for all of you after tiring moments.
From 20 June we will reopen … ready to welcome you in total safety and relaxation.
We will adopt internal security protocols in line with the provisions of the Puglia Region and the National Government.

Below is our list of security measures for a peaceful and relaxing stay!

  • We maintain a cordial and warm relationship, but at a distance
  • The whole team of our Resort wears the mask or the screen and daily measures the temperature
  • Hotel guests are obliged to wear a mask in the common areas and keep the social distance of 1 meter … close to their family members … distant from the others …
  • In the restaurant, the arrangement of the tables guarantees the required distance of 2 meters (or 1 meter back to back) – the service will be a shielded buffet and entirely served by operators
  • The entrance will be contingent and for this reason it can be managed over two shifts (depending on the week and the number of guests present); for organizational reasons it will not be possible to offer the discretion of the choice of shift
  • Entertainment: compared to our standards, some activities could be suspended and/or limited, for example the mini-club, parties and/or games, shows and/or dances, various tournaments and anything that could create gatherings; for the aforementioned reasons, in the current season, the Club Card supplement will not be counted in your price quotations
  • All surfaces of the rooms and common areas are disinfected as per sanitary rules
  • We pay particular attention to room ventilation
  • A series of stations are available in the Resort to disinfect hands
  • A thermo-scanner is always available at our reception
  • Masks and sanitizing gel for personal use can be purchased in the Resort
  • Arrivals will be distributed over two days, Saturday and Sunday, to ensure quick and safe check-ins
  • All guests will be asked to pre-register online in order to speed up the check-in process

These measurements are continuously updated!
Last updated: July 2, 2020