Night of Tarantula 2020, in Melpignano Nannini, Mahmood and Diodato

He gave a great show, in which the “pizzica del Salento” merged with international rock, pop and jazz music. This year the great concert of “La notte della Taranta 2020”, broadcast on Rai2, for the covida emergency was held behind closed doors in Melpignano. Leading the popular concert on stage together with the Roma Sinfonietta concert was Paolo Buonvino, composer and author of unforgettable soundtracks for cinema.

The storytelling of the evening was entrusted to the actor Sergio Rubini. Traditional songs of the popular and Salento tradition have been re-proposed such as “Lu Rusciu de Lu Mare”, “Tamburreddhu meu”, “Ferma Zitella” and Calinifta “, the famous goodnight in griko. An intimate atmosphere has characterized it for years, the most important event of the Salento summer, of international echo.

On the large wooden stage in the shape of a tambourine, three great artists of Italian music. Gianna Nannini sang “Fimmene Fimmene”, a song that she reproposed in a new version at the age of 16 from her first participation in the great concert. Diodato, the singer from Taranto and winner of the last Sanremo festival, performed an intense version of “Beddhra ci dormi”. Mahmood, with “Sabri Aleel”, embarked on a journey through the sounds of the Mediterranean.

Some pieces were accompanied by Sharon Eyal‘s choreography. The dancers of the corps de ballet re-proposed the themes already interpreted in the Dior show last July in Lecce.